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SAFE Program Collaboration

Services to End Domestic Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Have questions about victims' rights? OCVJC & LAWO have answers!

RISE Project

Victims' rights assertion and enforcement, in partnership with NCVLI and OCVJC

New Protections – Payday Loans

In April important new protections for consumers who take our short-term loans, commonly known as payday loans, went into effect.

Community Inclusion

Everyone deserves an opportunity to live in their community near their family, friends, and support system.

H-2A Workers Increasingly Important Source of Labor Employment

Over the last decade, employers have increasingly turned to the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers Program to fill temporary agricultural jobs in Ohio and the country.

Income Tax Obligations Critical to Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers, in particular those who are here on an H-2A visa, often face complicated income tax issues. 

What’s New on

Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO) wants seniors to understand their legal rights, avoid abuse and victimization, and protect their safety, assets, income, and independence. 

More help is available for low income persons in your community!

Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. EXPANDS LiveChat Project!

Ohio Attorney General Launches New Online Search Tool

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has a new tool to help protect consumers in Ohio.

LAWO Outreach Worker Recognized

LAWO outreach worker Ilda Kitchen was recognized at the 2019 Annual Farmworker Appreciation Day for her service to the agricultural worker community. Ilda has been an outreach worker for LAWO during the growing season for 15 years.

Nearly 2000 people helped during driver's license clinics

Ohioans deserve the chance to move out of poverty by gaining stable employment so they can provide housing, food and other necessities to support themselves and their families. Often they must overcome barriers such as high driver’s license reinstatement fees, the loss of a driver’s license or other roadblocks that can prevent individuals from obtaining stable employment.

LAWO & ABLE Helping Dayton Recover from Memorial Day Tornadoes

Thousands of Dayton-area residents lost their homes and other personal belongings as a result of 15 devastating torn Deadly tornadoes ripped through the Dayton-area on the evening of Memorial Day, causing damage that resulted in an emergency declaration.