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Agricultural Worker Services

Each year thousands of people work in Ohio planting, cultivating, and harvesting the food we enjoy. They also work in other places, such as packing sheds and nurseries, that are important parts of Ohio’s agricultural economy. Many of these workers migrate through Ohio, following the growing season. Others work in Ohio throughout the year. Like everyone else, they are seeking the opportunity to work and provide for themselves and their families. LAWO helps to ensure these workers receive fair payment for their labor and have access to decent and sanitary working and living conditions. To do this, LAWO participates in extensive outreach activities to increase our access to Ohio’s agricultural workers and to identify their needs. As workers come to us for assistance, we protect their ability to participate fully in Ohio’s agricultural economy.

Areas of Legal Practice and Advocacy: Employment problems & disparities | Unpaid wages & minimum wage claims | Immigration | Civil rights | Housing conditions | Daycare and education | Healthcare | Pesticides | Ohio Works First | Food stamps | Other government benefits | Preserve family unity & stability | Safety from domestic violence & human trafficking | Combat unfair or discriminatory practices

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Outreach in the Midst of COVID

In 2020 and 2021 LAWO modified its outreach efforts to ensure it provided agricultural workers information about their rights and how to protect themselves and their families in a COVID safe manner. We also provided information on COVID-19 and personal protection equipment to agricultural workers.

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Critical to Agricultural Workers

Income Tax Obligations

Agricultural workers, in particular those who are here on an H-2A visa, often face complicated income tax issues.

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